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I was scrolling through my list of podcasts to find something interesting to listen to on my walk to university when I found SE Radio Episode 245: John Sonmez on Marketing Yourself and Managing Your Career which seemed particularly applicable to me considering I am finishing my Master’s soon and could use some advice on the subject. In it John Sonmez, author of Simple Programmer, talked about starting a blog and its benefits to your career. He mentioned an email course he offers that talks about starting a blog with the goal of promoting yourself. I don’t usually sign up for email courses because they feel like scams but this felt more reputable. I always wanted to create a blog that I contribute to regularly, could this be the push I needed to get started? It was.

I chose to use WordPress for my blog since I’d used it before and it was very flexible and customizable. I wanted to host my own installation of WordPress but it’d been a while since I last used a hosting company. After doing some research I settled on SiteGround (non-referral).

Then came deciding what the theme of my blog will be. Sonmez offers a few suggestions in his course and one seemed particularly fun. I decided to make my blog about the projects I’m working on, the hurdles I encounter, and the lessons I learn, and the technologies I use in those projects.

There will be an introduction post for every project I hope to work on semi-regularly similar to this post to give you a little background it and then, hopefully, there will be regular updates on the projects.

Let’s see how this goes.






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