Project: Catan

I first saw Settlers of Catan during a games night inDecember 2014. My lab mate who explained the game to me told me to create an account on PlayCatan because he and my other lab mate play it there during lunch. Whenever I was in the lab during lunch I would join them for a game.

About a year later, PlayCatan which was free, was shutdown and replaced with Catan Universe which, at the time, seemed like it would eventually require a subscription. While we don’t mind paying for things we enjoy, two of us had an issue with recurring payments. Additionally, the game had a much slower gameplay that was frustrating and made games last longer than the time it took us to eat our lunches. Finally, since it was in early access there were a lot of bugs that made it annoying to use.

When I learn a new technology I read a bit about it first then I work on a project that uses that technology. At the time I was learning Node.js, I had read a few tutorials and was ready to practice building website with Node.js but I couldn’t think of anything to work on. Until we tried Catan Universe for the first time and were frustrated by it that is. That’s when I decided to create an online Settlers of Catan game.

I used this as a starting template, this and this to draw the hexagon grid, and this to inspire the general look of the board. My lab mate helped me create the game setup since I mostly played online and never had to set up a Catan game.

You can find the Catan source code on my Github.






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