GTD and the Eisenhower Matrix

Woohoo! First project to get a post other than the initial post introducing it!

After a day’s worth of work I am able to add tasks to a list of tasks in the Inbox tab. Doing a bit of research about what attributes I should have for each attribute I decided on urgency, importance, and effort. I am contemplating suggesting priority based on these 3 attributes but I can’t find any sources that provide a deterministic way of calculating priority. The Eisenhower Matrix determines what to do about each task based on its urgency and importance which seems to fit the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) model.

  • High importance and high urgency: Do now. These become the next actions.
  • High importance and low urgency: Schedule. These can be scheduled in the calendar.
  • Low importance and high urgency: Delegate. These are delegated and then move to the Waiting For section.
  • Low importance and low urgency: Do later. These go in the Someday/Maybe section.

This system is great but there are two flaws in it:

  1. It only supports low or high urgency/importance. I would like to have the ability to leave tasks on medium urgency/importance if they really are neutral.
  2. It does not take effort into account.

I will think about this some more but it is going to be one of the last things I do.

My focus for tomorrow will be: storing the urgency, importance and effort for each task along with its name; editing and deleting tasks after they’ve been created; and possibly data persistence.

This tutorial was very helpful: Storyboards Tutorial in iOS 9.






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